Max Meditation System™

Max Meditation System™ uses the full spectrum of meditation technique for a truly revitalizing experience through guided breathing, deep-body relaxation, as well as passive, active and guided meditation. No experience is needed.  Whether you are just exploring meditation or you are an experienced meditator, you can experience the deep relaxation and rejuvenation with the Max Meditation System™.


Join us for Max Meditation System™ on Monday evenings.


  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Reduces with physical and emotional pain
  • Gain more control over your thoughts
  • Detachment from situations and less drama in your life
  • More happiness, peace of mind, spontaneity and creativity
  • Improved concentration, increased clarity and more confidence
  • Enhances energy and strength
  • Increases serotonin which improves moods

**Reservation is required**

Reserve your space each week before 4pm Monday to join our meditation circle!

Please CLICK HERE to reserve your space.