About Our Practice



Danielle and Dustin have practiced Chiropractic in New Zealand for the past 4 years. They created a model which they dubbed a “Vitality Center” which included a group of naturally-minded health professionals. Upon returning to Tulsa to be closer to family, they recognized a need for this model in Tulsa. Conveniently, Cari Reif (Dr. Dustin’s mother) is a Reiki master, had been practicing out of her home and was ready to expand her practice and relocate. Dr. Mindi Salvino, ND saw what was going on at Tulsa Healing and knew instantly she wanted to be a part of it! She adds more essential therapies to what we offer and completes the team of practitioners here.

We offer our therapies independently or grouped together into a custom care plan designed for you and tailored to your needs.

Tulsa healing sign photo