Massage Therapy

massage therapy

Our highly trained Massage Therapist offers 30, 60 or 90 minute massages in the following specialties:

Full Body Personalized- Mixture of different massage modalities to reach the clients desired outcome of the session.

Pregnancy- Relaxing massage to alleviate pain related to child-bearing.

Lymphatic- Lymphatic drainage is wonderful for post injury, water retention, and even weight loss! It's a light massage involving pumping and opening the lymphatic ducts. The session ends with detox tea which will give the massage even stronger results.

Jin Shin- Japanese style of bodywork consisting of balancing energies by holding points on the bodies meridian lines.

Add-Ons are available to any massage. Choose from the following add-ons:

Deep Tissue- Deep localized work dealing with knots and trigger points that are causing discomfort or loss of range of motion.

PNF Stretch 15 mins- Programming muscles to function properly by stretching and having them activate at the desired time. Beneficial for recovery, athletes, and increased flexibility.

Reflexology 15 min- Working the meridian points associated with the physical body and deep relaxation on feet and/ or hands.

Lymphatic 15 min- localized drainage for decrease in swelling and to promote healing.

Facial 15 min- Shiatsu style of massage that uses point work to promote relaxation and improves sinuses, TMJ, and other complications.

Cupping- Stretches muscles and fascia (connective tissue) by pulling them away from the bone. Increases blood flow and oxygen to area, as well as removing stagnant blood and promoting healing.