How Does the Brain Lose Communication Abilities for Healing?


Did you know that stress is one of the primary reasons that most people have difficulty healing their own bodies? As we each go through our daily routines, whether we leave the house or not, we are constantly bombarded with stressors that can have a negative impact on not only our minds but also the overall health of our bodies as the brain struggles to focus on healing. But how does the brain lose communication abilities for healing?

Once the stress response in your body becomes active, the brain will begin focusing primarily on dealing with that stress and cutting off the processes required for healing within the body. Unfortunately, this means that the body will remain in this state until the levels of stress have been dropped to a reasonable state. Without taking the time to deal with daily stress it can quickly compound and cause long-lasting effects unless the appropriate steps are taken to mitigate it.

While taking time out each day to do yoga, read or attempt other calming activities can help, chiropractic services are also a great way to hit the brakes on your stress response. In fact, many find relief because the health of your spine can play a direct role in the reduction of stress occurring and help restore the body to a healing state. If your spine isn’t functioning well, your brain cannot regulate your body efficiently.

Chiropractic uses specific analysis and adjustments to re-establish your brain to body communication so your body can heal, sleep, digest, and move more efficiently! If you are suffering from symptoms, your brain has a much greater chance of resolving those symptoms when it can clearly communicate with your body. If you are curious about how chiropractic care can help restore your healing abilities, we encourage you to learn more on our chiropractic care page.

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