How Does the Body Heal Itself?


Although many people don’t realize it, the human body is incredibly complex and can do amazing things. Think about a time when you were a child that you fell and scraped your knees. While a kiss from your parents on the affected area seemed like a magical cure, the attention it was given helped spur the body into action. As long as all of the internal systems in the body are functioning properly, the human body will work to heal itself. But how do these processes start and how does the body actually heal itself?

Depending on the type of injury that has occurred, the brain will likely be the organ responsible for beginning the healing process. To do this, signals are relayed throughout the nervous system: brain, spinal cord and nerves. This communication can’t occur if the spine isn’t functioning properly and the brain will have trouble efficiently regulating the healing process. Unfortunately, this means that a simple disconnect in the body can make the healing process slower or stop it completely.

While many people think that chiropractors have the assumption, they can fix anything; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. A great chiropractor knows that the services they provide aren’t a cure for any ailments but, instead, helps the human body perform the processes required to enable a stronger healing capability. Chiropractic services help because they actively assist the spinal cord and nervous system to improve brain communication.

Dr. Dustin Reif at Tulsa Healing understands this important connection between the health of your nervous system and your overall ability to heal properly. Don’t wait to give your body the support it needs for optimal healing. Whether you’re looking for improved health, an increase in your quality of life, better performance or decreased pain, we encourage you to schedule your appointment today.

Why Choose Tulsa Healing?

Danielle and Dustin have practiced Chiropractic in New Zealand for the past 4 years. They created a model which they dubbed a “Vitality Center” where they included a Naturopath, Reiki Master and Massage therapist. Upon returning to Tulsa to be closer to family, they recognized a need for this model in Tulsa. Ready to get started? Connect with us today.

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