Rife Frequency Therapy

Envision an opera singer, her vocal control is so astounding that she can shatter a glass with the sheer vibrational frequency of her voice.  All living things have a vibrational frequency threshold that they cannot sustain.  Exposure to these frequency levels causes lysis (to rupture and die).  Every type of viral capsid, spore, parasite, harmful bacteria, mutated or diseased cell, fungus etc. can be targeted with frequency therapy.  While relaxing comfortably in our private therapy room, sound waves outside the range of human hearing are introduced through the body painlessly to single out and target only those things we are working on, leaving healthy cells and tissues unaffected.  Sessions can be scheduled for 30 minutes or a full hour and many different issues can be worked on in a single session such as inflammation, toxin elimination, liver and kidney support, immune boosting, lymphatic system cleansing, chronic conditions and auto-immune disorders. Frequency therapy has incredible benefits and is even more powerful when paired with ozone therapy which can be performed simultaneously.