Biofeedback Scan


Science tells us that everything in the universe emits a very specific frequency; it's very own energetic fingerprint for identification. One function of the biofeedback machine is to scan the body for present frequencies. This pinpoints for us the presence of specific harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses, tick-borne illnesses, mold or fungal toxins and even picks up the frequency in the body of certain specific emotions whose vibrational frequency is harmful to internal tissues and organ systems. Another function of the scan is revealing food sensitivities, environmental and chemical toxicity exposures and enlightening us to the things that may be causing inflammatory reactions in your body with each exposure. Specific and targeted scans can be done in-depth on any area of the body such as the brain, breast, liver, arteries and veins, heart, stomach, intestines, etc., as well as informational scans for sleep or weight issues, digestive disorders. We can even scan your body against your current supplements to test their biocompatibility to YOUR UNIQUE BODY.